Our Approach


We, at CNK-HAS, follow a client-centric approach and work with our clients as their strategic business partners, rather than as their consultants. We recognize the fact that each business is unique, each transaction is different and each client’s requirement is specific and distinct from the other. Our entire approach is centred around the value-added approach, which aims at giving our clients much more than what they expect.

We have a thoroughly professional, methodical and systematic work-style. We join forces with our clients to arrive at the optimum solutions to complex issues by maintaining the highest degree of professional standards and without compromising on the independence of our thoughts and actions.

Approach of CNK-HAS

  • Understand the unique requirements of each client;
  • Understand the business dynamics of the environment in which the organization functions;
  • Evaluate the system of internal controls and checks in place, identify weaknesses in the system of internal controls, make an assessment of the risks involved, develop a methodology/plan to take care of such risks, perform compliance and substantive tests and maintain adequate documentation for all our audit and assurance services;
  • A detailed and in-depth analysis of all complex business issues through internal brainstorming as well as with clients, thereby resulting in the provision of integrated solutions cutting across all functional areas;
  • A detailed legal research of the issue on hand by referencing with our well-developed and fully updated in-house knowledge centre and other tax literatures;
  • Regular follow-up and assistance with/to our clients in implementing the solutions provided by us, understanding practical difficulties encountered in implementing the solutions and making such modifications to the solution, as may be necessary, to help overcome these practical difficulties.
  • Consider ourselves as strategic business partners of our clients rather than as mere consultants – “A Grow with the Client Approach”;
  • Consider client view-points but retain our independence of thoughts and actions;
  • Maintain the highest degree of professionalism and ethics in all our work;
  • A strong and continuous commitment to research and training in all areas of practice in our endeavour to provide value added services to our clients;
  • Build long-lasting relationship with our clients through personalized, consistent and quality services;

Ensuring strict confidentiality of all client information and data at all times.

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Dubai Office

1701, Nassima Tower, Trade Centre 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Sharjah Office

Saif Office Q1-07-143/c - Saif Zone, Sharjah

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